Setting configuration parameters for a stack instance

Stack parameters are passed as variables to the stack definition code, i.e. as variables to be used in the Terraform code. Values can be passed to configure instances differently for different environments.

Cloudspin (will) support multiple methods for setting variables, listed here from lowest precedence to highest.

  • ./stack-instance-defaults.yaml

  • (,.roles/stack-instance-ROLE.yaml) (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)

  • ./environments/stack-instance-ENVIRONMENT.yaml

  • (Configuration registry) (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)

  • ./stack-instance-local.yaml

  • (Command-line arguments / Rake task arguments) (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)

In each of the configuration files, these parameters are set in a parameters block:

  region: "eu-west-1"
  availability_zones: "eu-west-1a,eu-west-1b,eu-west-1c"
  environment_name: NOT_SET

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