Setting up your local development environment

I develop and test this stuff using a Mac, so my examples tend to be based on this. Everything should work on Linux and even Windows, but you’ll probably have to roll up your sleeves a bit to get it working for yourself. Pull requests to this document are welcome!

Things you’ll need to install:

You’ll also need a decent editor.

Setting up on a Mac

  • AWS CLI (brew install awscli)

  • Ruby 2.4 or higher (I use rvm)

Getting the source code

Clone the example source code from github. These instructions normally assume you have cloned this to ~/projects/spin/cloudspin-reference-examples.

Setting up each project

For each cloudspin project, you will typically need to run bundle install before using it, to install Ruby dependencies that are used by the tools.

cd ~/projects/spin/cloudspin-reference-examples/01-basic-stack
bundle install

You may also want to install gem install cloudspin-stack globally, to get the stack command-line tool. (I haven’t found a convenient way to have this usable within a project without needing to run bundle exec stack).

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